What is a “bomb cyclone”?

What is a “bomb cyclone”?

This week the East Coast is experiencing a “bomb cyclone”. This bombogenesis process is fascinating and the term is thrown out to the public and not explained well enough for the general masses to understand it. Live Science just put out a great article on it,  at the following link: 



2 thoughts on “What is a “bomb cyclone”?

  1. Kevin we have several of these so called bomb every winter. Lower 48 don’t hear about them cause they are of no important tearing up an Native village or taking out there power grid due to salt spray like one did couple winter back to Savooga out on St Lawerence Island. The news media is very bias on their reporting as I am sure you have found out with your relationship with Rick.

  2. Hi John! Thanks for your comment. The bottom line is population. This east coast “bomb” doesn’t happen as often but when it does, it affects several million people, many more than are in Alaska. Alaskans just have to speak up and make their case known as best they can. Those really “into” the weather know all about the power and the incredible damage those Aleutian and Bering Sea LOWS can do. Just make your case be heard and you will get assistance when you all need it up there in the beautiful 49th state. Take care, and keep putting that log on the fire! Kevin

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