A mostly sunny, hot and humid weather update for West Rockville Maryland for Wednesday July 19 2017

A mostly sunny, hot and humid weather update for West Rockville Maryland for Wednesday July 19 2017

Wednesday was a mostly sunny, hot, and humid day with no rain. Only a few scattered fair-weather cumulus dotted the sky at times in the heat of the afternoon. The temperatures rose up to the opprressive mid 90s a few degrees warmer than yesterday after lows in the low 70s during the early AM hours. Now at 0400 we have clear skies with temperatures in the mid-upper 70s. The minimum temperature from the VP2 in the shelter on the ground nearby (72.2°) was recorded at 0626 while the maximum temperature (93.7°) was recorded at 1637. Dew point temperatures dropped slightly from yesterday, ranging from 75° to 68°. Relative humidity values were a bit lower than yesterday (96% – 45%).  Barometric values also were slightly lower than yesterday, ranging from 30.08″ at 0838 to 29.98″ at 1824. 

Remember now you can get the new VP2 location data on Weatherlink.  You can access the data through http://www.weatherlink.com/user/walrusman444


I woke up in the early afternoon with a fair number of calls, including one from my lawyer and one from Ray, and one a bit later from Tracy and Robin as usual on their way to work. I also spoke with my friend Bob L about the recent mountain trip twice. I had cereal and coffee for a late brunch late in the afternoon, and continued to work on catching up on everything as much as I can. Just can’t do it all in one day. “Weatherquack” is up and running and I am back in the swing of things. I continue working on filling in missing data in my records for the days while away, and I just emailed my friend Rick H with the data I do have to help him determine a reasonable estimation on the data I am missing. I hope to see many of you on Weatherquack http://www.weatherquack.com real soon – it is completely free and easy to use once you complete your registration and a short ramping up period. I am a bit dismayed that up through Wednesday, no one new has signed up since the initial signup burst right after we got set up and operational. I also drank some H2O from my ginormous water bottle throughout the evening and early morning hours.

We now have clear and dry skies with temperatures in the mid-upper 70s at 0415.  Thursday looks partly cloudy and hotter, with highs in the mid 90s and lows in the mid 70s. Partly cloudy, hot and dry on Friday with highs in the low-mid 90s with a 20 POP for rain and lows in the low 70s, then on a partly cloudy Saturday, with highs in the low 90s and lows in the low mid 70s, we have a 40 POP for showers/storms and lows in the low 70s. Partly sunny and still hot on Sunday, with highs in the low 90s, and lows in the low 70s and a 30 POP for showers/storms. 

On Channel 4 radar at 0415, the Eastern US is generally free from any rain echoes at this time. The closest rain action is over parts of WI and MI.

As of 0415 EDT, the data from the VP2 is now coming from the ground radiation shield a few feet off the ground just under and out from the balcony and the Taylor has been replaced with the Radio Shack thermometer for the time being (on the balcony – max temps especially read too high).  The data from the Lakewood Country Club WXBug station and the USG VP2 station across the street are still operating and reporting, and are as follows :

Station     Relative Location      Temp    RH    DP         BP        Wind   High/Low temp today
VP2                 Ground               75.8      91     73      29.99F     NA      93.7/72.2

Radio Shack    Balcony              79.9                                                      NA/NA

There was no rain recorded today (cocorahs gauge on ground below – in between the US and State Flagpoles out a bit from my balcony)

July precipitation is 3.94″.

Year-to-date (YTD) precipitation total is 21.49″

VP2 Across the street (USG)     78.5     85     74     30.01F      NA      96.4/73.4    

There was no rain recorded in the USG gauge on Wednesday.

WX Bug     Lakewood 4500 ft,     77     81.4    71      30.01F    Calm    G  NW 5
140° from station                                                                97/73

The Lakewood rain gauge recorded no rain on Wednesday.

Temp on the VP2 at 2400 was 79.3 RH 81% BP 30.02R  DP 73.0 Radio Shack thermometer was 83.4°.

Good morning from the clear, warm, dry but muggy Walrus early on this Thursday.

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