A partly cloudy (clouds AM, clear PM) gradually cooler update for West Rockville Maryland on Monday, February 12 2018

A partly cloudy (clouds AM, clear PM) gradually cooler update for West Rockville Maryland on Monday, February 12 2018

Monday featured a transitional day, with clouds and even a light shower (.02″) in the AM that lifted by midday and gave us a clear PM, with gradually falling temps from very mild in the very early AM down to more seasonable levels by late evening. Temperatures fell from the low 60s at midnight down to the mid 30s 24 hours later. The Monday maximum temperature from the VP2 (62.6°) was recorded at 0000 while the minimum temperature (34.6°) was recorded very late at 2359. Dew point temperatures really dropped today, ranging from a high of 61° very early at 0000 down 40° to a low of 21° at 1837. Relative humidity values lowered greatly all day (94% – 40%). Barometric values really climbed today with an 0.75″ increase today, ranging from a low of 29.97″ at 0000 way up to a max of 30.72″ almost 24 hours later at 2355. These dynamic changes in barometric pressure, air temperature and dew point temperature for Monday are shown in a weatherlink generated graph that I have posted as the feature image today. 

Remember now you can get the VP2 data on Weatherlink. You can access the data through http://www.weatherlink.com/user/walrusman444.

I am posting daily to weather underground. My ID is KMDROCKV200 and my station is called “Gardens of Traville.” Data is online, normally just about in real-time. I contribute daily to cocorahs as Rockville 2.8 WNW, Station ID MD-MG-115. Please remember that Weather Underground does not report snow data, and reflects what is recorded automatically through the tipping bucket VP2 gauge.

I arose late again today, after unsuccessfully attempting to listen to the midday Weather Buff show out of Buffalo (closed broadcast studio building due to a water main break). I spoke briefly in the late afternoon with Ray, then much later on spoke at greater length about a variety of weather topics with him.  I started to ramp up on this year’s DC-AMS Science Fair activity, which must be done ASAP. 

We were cloudy and mild overnight Sunday into Monday with a few light showers in the late morning (.02″ total) then slowly decreasing/lifting clouds that gave us a sunny afternoon and clear evening, with gradually falling temps all day. The temps dropped from the low 60s early to the mid 30s by late evening. Tuesday should be partly sunny with no chance of rain , a bit colder with highs around 40° and lows in the low 30s. Mostly cloudy and warmer on Wednesday, highs in the mid 50s and lows in the upper 40s with only a 20 POP for rain. Thursday should be even warmer under mostly cloudy skies and only a 20 POP for a shower with highs soaring up to highs of 70° and lows in the mid 50s. Friday should cool off a bit but still mild and cloudy with highs in the upper 50s and lows around 30° and an 80 POP for AM rain as a frontal system passes through the region. Colder and cloudy on Saturday with highs of about 40° and lows in the upper 20s with a 50 POP for PM rain or snow showers.

On the Channel 4 weather website at 0737 radar is still showing scattered light precipitation in parts of southern VA, WV, NC, KY and TN. Some of it appears to be frozen, either freezing rain or sleet to go along with the rain. It appears to be headed easterly, so should miss my immediate location as it will pass south of my latitude. There is some snow falling out in the upper midwest in parts of MN, IA and WI at this time.

As of 0737, the data from the VP2 (coming from the ground radiation shield about 4 feet off the ground just under and out from the balcony) and the Lakewood WXBug station are as follows:

Partly cloudy and cooler early this afternoon

Station Relative Location Temp RH DP   BP     Wind  High/Low temp Monday
VP2              Ground          30.1  60  18 30.82R   NA    62.6/34.6

There was 0.02″ of precipitation in the cocorahs gauge on Monday through midnight obs. The VP2 tipping bucket rain gauge under my balcony also recorded 0.02″ of precipitation on Monday through midnight.

Monday’s precipitation 0.02″
February precipitation is 3.19″
February snowfall 0.0″
Snow on ground 0.0″ (reported to the nearest half-inch)
The seasonal snowfall total is 5.2″.
Year-to-date precipitation total is 5.02″

WX Bug Lakewood 4500 ft, 30 57 17 30.77″R NE 1 G NW 6 
                              140° from station                        63/33

The Lakewood rain gauge recorded 0.02″ of precipitation on Monday. It is now reporting a 3.29″ monthly (February) total and 2018 year-to-date (YTD) amount of 5.53″ up some more from yesterday’s report.

At 2400 obs Monday night the temperature from the VP2 was 34.6 RH 62% BP 30.72″R DP 22.9. Clear and colder.

Good morning from the clear, seasonably cold, and dry Walrus early on this Tuesday.

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