A brief update on a cloudy, wet, mild West Rockville Maryland for Tuesday, December 5 2017 (delayed)

A brief update on a cloudy, wet, mild West Rockville Maryland for Tuesday, December 5 2017 (delayed)

I crashed on Tuesday evening and did not make my regular post on that day till right now. What I have here is a brief update on the important climate data and weather observations for the day but without many of the regular features I usually post. I will be posting my Wednesday daily update shortly and resume all of those additional features.

On Tuesday we had mostly cloudy skies with light rain falling (0.15″) between approximately 4 PM and 11 PM. Temperatures remained mild all day starting out in the mid 40s, rising up into the upper 50s by mid-afternoon and only falling off slightly into the mid 50s by midnight. Dew points were in the 40s early then rose into the mid 50s by the afternoon and holding most of the rest of the day. The Tuesday minimum temperature from the VP2 (44.8°) was recorded at 0351 while the maximum temperature (57.7°) was recorded at 1225. Dew point temps ranged from 43° up to 55°. Relative humidity values were higher than Monday (97% – 79%). Barometric values were lower than Monday’s values, ranging from a high of 30.33″ at 0000 down to 29.89″ at 2306.

Remember now you can get the VP2 data on Weatherlink. You can access the data through http://www.weatherlink.com/user/walrusman444.

I am also now on weather underground. My ID is KMDROCKV200 and my station is called “Gardens of Traville.” Data is online, normally just about in real-time. I contribute daily to cocorahs as Rockville 2.8 WNW, Station ID MD-MG-115. Attributing to my problems on Tuesday was my station going offline, due to a cable/internet/router outage that caused my signal to scramble and get sent to an incorrect internet location. Working with Marty on Tuesday evening I got the station back online after I had a working discussion with my ISP to get my TV and internet restored. I had to reboot my router and Cable TV set top box to help get this done.

I got up in the early afternoon so I could go to my podiatry appointment at Kaiser, courtesy of a ride from Uber driver Mike.

There was 0.15″ of rain in my cocorahs gauge on Tuesday through midnight. The VP2 tipping bucket rain gauge under my balcony recorded 0.07″ of rain through midnight obs on Tuesday.

December precipitation is 0.19″ through midnight obs Tuesday.

Year-to-date precipitation total is 38.70″

The Lakewood rain gauge recorded 0.11″ of rain through midnight on Tuesday.

Temp from the VP2 at 2400 was 53.8 RH 97% BP 29.89″ DP 53.1. Cloudy and damp but rain had stopped by midnight.

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