A partly to mostly sunny, seasonable, dry update for West Rockville Maryland for Halloween Tuesday October 31 2017

A partly to mostly sunny, seasonable, dry update for West Rockville Maryland for Halloween Tuesday October 31 2017

Tuesday was a partly to mostly sunny day, dry and seasonably cool to finish out the month of October on a typically spooky Halloween day. Clouds have increased again this evening and overnight. Dew points stayed low once again today, remaining in the low 30s to about 40°. At 0715 we have mostly cloudy skies and dry with little wind at the moment. Temperatures are in the low 40s with dew points in the mid 30s. The Tuesday minimum temperature from the VP2 (40.6°) was recorded at 0548 while the maximum temperature (56.4°) was recorded at 1605. Dew point temps ranged from 40° down to 33°. Relative humidity values predictably dropped a bit more today (90% – 43%). Barometric values continued to rise significantly today, recovering from big pressure drops earlier in the week, ranging from a low of 29.93″ at 0000 up to a high of 30.25″ at 2331.

Remember now you can get the VP2 data on Weatherlink. You can access the data through http://www.weatherlink.com/user/walrusman444. I am also now on weather underground. My ID is KMDROCKV200 and my station is called “Gardens of Traville.” Data is online, normally just about in real-time.

Halloween Tuesday evening weather was fine for all the trick or treaters except for Polar Bears <g>. In my seniors apartment complex we don’t have any trick or treaters, which I miss. It is mostly cloudy out there now, as a cloud deck has persisted overnight and promises to hang around for most of Wednesday. There is only a slight chance (10 POP) for sprinkles sometime in the afternoon. The temperatures are currently in the low 40s here at my station as of 0715. Wednesday looks to be cloudy and cool but dry with highs in the lower 60s and lows in the low 50s to start off the new month of November. Thursday should be partly cloudy and dry with highs warming up into the low 70s and lows in the mid 50s. Friday should be partly cloudy and milder, with highs in the mid 70s and lows in the mid 40s. Saturday looks to be partly to mostly
cloudy and cooler, with highs in the 50s and a 40 POP for rain showers at times. Sunday looks cloudy and a bit warmer with highs in the upper 60s.

On the Channel 4 weather website at 0715 the radar shows areas of precipitation in sections of western PA, western WV, KY, TN, and OH as mostly rain, but some snow in the northern areas, mostly in OH and NW PA. This area is moving mostly NE, and should stay in and west of the Appalachian Mtns and miss our immediate area to the northwest.

As of 0715 EDT, the data from the VP2 (coming from the ground radiation shield about 4 feet off the ground just under and out from the balcony) and the Lakewood WXBug station are as follows :

Station Relative Location Temp RH DP     BP     Wind High/Low temp today
VP2            Ground         43.7  75  36  30.27S   NA    56.4/40.6

There was no rain in the cocorahs gauge on Tuesday. The VP2 tipping bucket rain gauge under my balcony also recorded no rain on Tuesday.

October precipitation final total is 2.85″.

Year-to-date precipitation total is now 36.41″

WX Bug Lakewood 4500 ft, 42 75 34 30.22S NNE 1 G E 7
                            140° from station                      58/40

The Lakewood rain gauge recorded 0.00″ of rain through midnight on Tuesday. I heard back from weatherbug support on the precipitation errors I noted from Sunday and Monday but they have no answers yet as they continue to investigate. I heard that they believe that the gauge is clogged with vegetative debris (fall leaves, etc). I am still hoping they will get to the bottom of the problem and the records will be adjusted. If so, I will post an update.

Temp from the VP2 at 2400 was 46.4 RH 61% BP 30.24R DP 33.9. Cloudy with slight warming at midnight .

Good morning from the cloudy, drying out, comfortable Walrus early on this Wednesday.

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