A mostly cloudy, cooler, humid and wet weather update for West Rockville Maryland for Wednesday July 5 2017

A mostly cloudy, cooler, humid and wet weather update for West Rockville Maryland for Wednesday July 5 2017

Wednesday was more cloudy than sunny most of the day, with rain threatening from the south but not coming till the mid-evening hour, then more after midnight. After temps fell into the muggy low 70s during the early AM hours, the temperature did not rise a lot due to the greater cloud cover, only reaching the mid 80s by mid-afternoon.  The Taylor Max/Min thermometer continues to have problems and I could not get a max (or a min) out of it again today. At 0617 we have cloudy, lightly rainy skies along with temperatures in the damp low 70s. The minimum temperature from the balcony VP2 (72.9°) was recorded at 0554 while the maximum temperature (84.5°) was recorded at 1354. Dew point temperatures were higher than yesterday, ranging from 74° to 68°. Relative humidity values also rose  (91% – 64%).  Barometric values rose some today, ranging from 30.13″ at 2235 to 30.05″ at 0056.

Remember that you now can get the balcony location data on Weatherlink. You can access the data through http://www.weatherlink.com/user/walrusman444


I got up in the mid afternoon today to take a shower and start looking for some old pictures for an upcoming birthday and to get prepared for my grocery delivery between 5 and 7 PM from Fresh Direct. The delivery got here by about 1720, and the food was all put away by 1745. Before the food came I had a toasted everything bagel with seafood and crab salads, along with a good cup of coffee.  Soon after the delivery person left, I made a bowl of mushroom risotto that came with the order. Only took a few minutes in the microwave, I had not had risotto in several months and it tasted really good. I also had the Asian treat Kimchee, a spicy pickled cabbage specialty that I also had not had in a while. It is fun to get new things in a delivery, where I like to try it right away to satisfy my curiousity.  Later for dinner I had some greek orzo salad, a guacomole garnished sandwich of top round turkey and beef with pepper cheese, all of which was really excellent.  I then caught up a bit with my email and chatted briefly with Tracy on her way to work. I had prune juice and spicy low-sodium V8 before dinner with some triscuits much later.  I also had a long conversation with Ray over our upcoming rain chances tonight and on Thursday. I continued to work more on the newly “hatched” Weatherquack weather website which should be fun in the coming months.  I hope to see many of you soon on Weatherquack http://www.weatherquack.com – it is completely free and easy to use once you complete your registration and a short ramping up period.  I also drank a few bottles from my ginormous water bottle throughout the evening and early morning hours.  I finally completed my photo finds and got some 10 picture files on to Marty on email.


We now have cloudy, light rainy skies with temperatures in the low 70s at about 0617, right after sunrise, the light from which is greatly diminished with our very cloudy skies.  During the day on Thursday looks cloudy with a 100 POP for rain off and mostly on (could be an inch or two total which is good, as we really need it) all day with highs in the mid-upper 70s and lows around 70°. Friday looks warmer with partly cloudy skies and highs in the mid 80s, lows around 70°, but only a 20 POP for an isolated shower sometime during the day. Saturday looks to be partly cloudy and dry, with highs in the mid 80s and lows in the low 60s. Sunday looks sunny with high temps in the low 80s and lows in the low 60s.

On Channel 4 radar at 0619, there is a large area of light-moderate-heavy rain right now through most of the region, lighter to the north, moderate from our immediate area south into suburban Virginia and heavy rain further S/SW of DC in farther south VA, where a few counties have recently been placed into flood warnings till mid-morning. The heavier rain furthern south is moving north, so our area should be getting heavier rain over the next few hours.

As of 0619 EDT, the data from my balcony (VP2), Taylor (on the ground just below the balcony), the Lakewood Country Club WXBug station, and the USG VP2 station across the street is as follows (with light rain falling throughout):

Station     Relative Location      Temp    RH    DP         BP        Wind   High/Low temp today
VP2                 Balcony               72.2     93     70     30.06F      N/A   84.5/72.9

Taylor             Grounds              70.3                                                   M/M (Temps still under study but having problems)

There was 0.21″ of rain in my gauge today (cocorahs gauge on ground now moved to an area below my balcony)

July precipitation is now 1.52″.

Year-to-date (YTD) precipitation total is 19.07″

VP2 Across the street (USG)    71.7       97     71     30.09F    N/A     86.5/71.1    

There was 0.23″ of rain recorded in the USG gauge on Wednesday. It did register a moderate max rain rate of 0.28″/hour @2010 . Since midnight an additional 0.29″ has fallen up to the current time.

WX Bug     Lakewood 4500 ft,     71      93.7   68.8    30.06F    ENE 3     G  ENE 13
140° from station                                                               93/73

The Lakewood rain gauge had 0.17″ of rain on Wednesday.

Temp on the balcony (VP2) at 2400 was 73.3 RH 90% BP 30.11F  DP 70.2 Taylor thermometer had a temp of 70.9.

Good morning from the cloudy, humid and wet Walrus early on a rainy Thursday morning.

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