A mostly cloudy, not as warm, dry but humid weather update for West Rockville Maryland for Friday June 16 2017

A mostly cloudy, not as warm, dry but humid weather update for West Rockville Maryland for Friday June 16 2017

Friday was a mostly cloudy, cooler, dry but still humid day. High temperatures rose today with really no sun observed to the low-mid 80s after a still warm early AM min around 70°. My newly acquired Taylor Max/Min thermometer did better with the clouds shielding the full sun’s rays, maxing out at 84.7°, still a bit too warm but better. We had a stratocumulus/cumulus overcast most all of the day when I looked out my windows, particularly in the afternoon since I was sleeping in the morning. At about 0535 we have cloudy skies with temperatures around 70° less than 10 minutes before  sunrise. The minimum temperature (69.9°) was recorded at 0623 1/2 hour after sunrise with the maximum temperature (82.9°) was recorded at 1525. Dew point temperatures were higher than yesterday, ranging from 72° to 63°. Relative humidity values were higher than yesterday (86% – 66%).  Barometric values were a bit lower than yesterday, ranging from 29.93″ at 0000 to 29.85″ at 1709. A trace of rain fell in the late afternoon but was quite underwhelming when studying radar and seeing the more moisture-laden returns at the same time. Dew points remained in the low 70s most of the afternoon and evening, while temps held in the 70s mostly during that same time period.

Remember that you now can get the balcony location data on Weatherlink. You can access the data through http://www.weatherlink.com/user/walrusman444


I got up in the mid-afternoon after a few phone calls woke me briefly earlier to get ready for the daily rummikub game. Yesterday I failed to mention that I played team trivia pursuit in the next building over with many of the same ladies who play rummikub with me in the early evening. Quite fun and social and I did add a bit of expertise to some of the questions. Today’s rummikub game ended a bit early, played fewer games as a result, particularly the first one when there was just two of us playing which tends to be a slower game. I had a late brunch of a toasted everything bagel with smoked salmon cream cheese and 2 cups of coffee. I watched the Nats/Mets game in the evening, won by the Mets 7-2.  I then microwaved 6 small chicken wings as an appetizer that I got from Tracy earlier in the week then had the rest of the leftover lasagna that I originally cooked late last week. It was totally yummy. I worked on some email in the evening along with the usual late night show fare and a long 2 hour conversation on the phone with my old friend from the office Joan R. in which we caught up on a few years of family/personal news.  I also had some prune juice and hot and spicy low sodium V8 before dinner and some cashews and Triscuits well after dinner. I continued to work a bit more on the newly “hatched” Weatherquack weather website which should be fun in the coming months. I was trying to help out one of my email/facebook weather friends from Wisconsin to join in on the fun. I hope some of you out there will join in the fun soon on Weatherquack http://www.weatherquack.com – it is completely free and easy to use once you complete your registration and a short ramping up period.   I also drank a good part of my ginormous water bottle throughout the evening and early morning hours.


We now have cloudy skies with temperatures around 70°  at 0600. (see featured image for picture just taken a few minutes ago).  Saturday looks to be partly cloudy with highs in the mid 80s and a 60 POP for showers/storms and lows around 70°.  Sunday should reach the upper 80s for high temps and a 60 POP for showers/storms with lows in the muggy low 70s. Monday should be cloudy with highs in the mid 80s, lows in the mid 60s, and a 100 POP for showers/storms, some of which may be heavy. Tuesday looks be sunny with scattered clouds at times, mostly dry (20 POP) with highs in the mid 80s and lows in the lower mid 60s.

On Channel 4 radar at about 0600, there really isn’t much rain showing up in the Eastern US. Closest organized rainfall is out in the midwest, cutting through parts of Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan at this time, associated with a struggling cold front that is having a rough time moving eastward and penetrating this Ridge we are basically under in our region..

As of 0601 EDT, the data from my balcony (VP2 and Taylor), the Lakewood Country Club WXBug station, and the USG VP2 station across the street is as follows:

Station     Relative Location      Temp    RH    DP         BP        Wind   High/Low temp today
VP2                 Balcony               73.5     86     69     29.87S     N/A    82.9/69.9

Taylor             Balcony               72.5                                           84.7/69.3 (Max temp a bit high due to unshielded reading)

There was a trace of rain in my gauge today (observable sprinkles in my cocorahs gauge on ground to the side of my building).

June precipitation is 0.16″.  Year-to-date (YTD) precipitation total is 16.37″

VP2  Across the street (USG)      71.6    94    70     29.90S    N/A   84.1/68.5    

There was no rain recorded in the USG gauge on Friday. (trace amounts are not displayed)     

WX Bug     Lakewood 4500 ft,       71     89.5  68.2   29.88S   ESE 5   G  ESE 9
140° from station                                                               83/67

The Lakewood rain gauge also recorded no rainfall today.(trace amounts are not displayed)

Temp on the balcony at 2400 was 74.8 RH 82% BP 29.89S  DP 68.4 Taylor thermometer had a temp of 73.8.

Good morning from the cloudy, still dry but muggy Walrus early on this Saturday morning.

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