A sunny, slightly cooler, breezy, and dry weather update for West Rockville Maryland on Friday June 2, 2017

A sunny, slightly cooler, breezy, and dry weather update for West Rockville Maryland on Friday June 2, 2017

Friday continued yesterday’s sunny, warm, breezy at times conditions. Seasonally warm temperatures with only scattered cumulus clouds at times with highs in the upper 70s dominated the daylight hours, with once again no rain at all. At about 0545 we have partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the mid 50s to around 60° in elevated locations like my station and the USG station.  The minimum temperature (59.1°) was recorded at 0637 and the maximum temperature (77.9°) was recorded at 1545. Dew point temperatures stayed relatively low again today, ranging from 57° to 44°. Relative humidity values lowered more today (78% – 31%). Barometric values stayed close again and similar to yesterday, ranging from 30.04″ at 0942 to 29.97″ at 1621.   

Remember that you now can get the balcony location data on Weatherlink. You can access the data through http://www.weatherlink.com/user/walrusman444

I got up in the mid-afternoon in time for the weekly 3 PM rummikub game downstairs for 2 hours. I picked up my mail on the way back to my apartment a bit after 5 PM, where I immediately talked with Marty as soon as I got in the door. We are arranging pickup for a new computer chair during the day on Saturday among other issues. I also talked briefly with Rick also who confirmed that Staples was holding the chair at their Germantown store. A bit later I talked with Ray about a variety of topics for a little while. Then I started dinner which was a first-ever pan steamed lamb cheeseburgers. Yum Yum! I also sauteed a bunch of vegetables with several spices. Onions, oyster mushrooms, garlic, zucchini and potatoes fried up then steamed under cover with plenty of appropriate spices. It took a while to cook everything down and I only ate about half the pan. I had spicy hot low sodium V8 before dinner.  I continued  to  work a bit more on the newly “hatched” Weatherquack weather website which should be fun in the coming months. I hope some of you out there will join in the fun – it is completely free and easy to use once you complete your registration and a short ramping up period.  I cleaned up the apartment quite a bit, and took a lot of trash and recyclables downstairs very late but didn’t have to go out to the rain gauge since we didn’t have any rain today. I also did a lot of cleaning, a bit of vacuuming, and filing of documents that had piled up over the past few weeks. I also spent some time on the phone and on the internet trying to resolve problems with my electric bill, to no avail as yet. I also drank a good part of my ginormous water bottle throughout the evening and early morning hours.

We now have partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the mid 50s to low 60s at about 0600. Saturday looks to be sunny with scattered clouds at times with highs in the low 80s and lows in the mid 50s, then on Sunday partly cloudy and warmer with highs in the mid 80s and lows in the mid 60s. Monday looks like a 90 POP for showers/storms with mostly cloudy skies, highs around 80° and lows in the upper 50s. Tuesday looks nice, partly cloudy with highs in the low 70s and lows in the low 50s.  

According to Channel 4 radar, there is a good bit of rain showing up in central and eastern PA heading SE, which might clip NE Maryland but not here.

As of 0635 EDT, my balcony data, the USG station across the street, and the Lakewood Country Club WXBug station is:

Station     Relative Location      Temp    RH    DP         BP        Wind   High/Low temp today
VP2                 Balcony               59.3     71     50       30.00S    N/A    77.9/59.1

There was no rain in my gauge today (cocorahs gauge on ground to the side of my building).

June precipitation is still at 0.00″.  Year-to-date (YTD) precipitation total 16.21″

VP2  Across the street (USG)    59.8      71     50       30.03S   N/A        M/M    

There was no rain in the USG gauge on Friday.   

WX Bug     Lakewood 4500 ft,     60      62.3    46.7     30.01S  WSW 5  G WSW 7
140° from station                                                                 77/58

The Lakewood rain gauge recorded no rainfall today.

Temp on the balcony at 2400 was 65.1 RH 60% BP 30.03R  DP 51.4

Good night from the partly cloudy, dry, and relatively comfortable Walrus early on this Saturday morning.

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