My first post on WeatherQuack at this website

My first post on WeatherQuack at this website

I just signed in successfully without too much problem, but the instructions thereafter was confusing as expected but I think I got through it.

Currently I have cloudy skies with fog, a temperature of 64.5° and dew point temperature of 64°,  barometric pressure of 30.03″ and steady, Rel Hum 97%. Current time is 0130 on Wednesday, May 31, 2017. I had 0.10″ of rain on Tuesday, giving a total of 5.57″ of rain for the month of May, and 16.13″ of rain for the year through May 30.

I will post a full observation in a few hours. I just wanted to try this out and see what it can do.  Right now I am having a problem finding the button to change the color, font and size of my text. I hope there is an easy way to do that.

Kevin Shaw

Rockville 2.8 WNW Maryland

One thought on “My first post on WeatherQuack at this website

  1. Hi Kevin! Welcome aboard WeatherQuack. In the blog editor, you’ll see a toolbar across the top of the big text box in the editor. That will allow you to bold text, etc. There’s a button you can also click over to an “advanced” editor and do even more fancy stuff with your blog posts. Email me if you have any issues. The help page also contains a support form which goes straight to me and other admins.

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